Examples of special processes

The CAG mechanical workshop is able to realize special processes, even on pieces of considerable size. The type of special processing covers a wide range of applications in the fields of hydroelectric power and in the engineering industry in general. Given the vastness of the different types of special processes, below you find just a few examples: every different request can be analyzed and satisfied simply contacting us.


SECTOR: Hydroelectric

DESCRIPTION: Working on the blades of a 336 kW power Kaplan turbine of a boring machine

foratura a controllo numerico CNC

SECTOR: Machinery

DESCRIPTION: Machining on CNC lathe of a shaft

PART DIMENSIONS: Outer diameter 400 mm, length 800 mm

fresatura con alesatrice

SECTOR: Industry

DESCRIPTION: Working on a plaster mold of a boring machine

PART DIMENSIONS: 2200 mm x 2000 mm x 800 mm

Tronchetto per albero di una turbina

SECTOR: Hydroelectric

DESCRIPTION: Machining on CNC lathe with a stub shaft for turbine

PART DIMENSIONS: Outer diameter 390 mm, length 600 mm