Cleaning machine

 Cleaning machine

The examined machine is a cleaning machine designed and built by us; it is formed by a support bench on which is installed an electrical engine, correctly dimensioned, that makes the abrasive rags rotate.

The rags are protected by two enveloping sleeves and by specific screens splinters-proof.

Moreover the cleaning machine is provided with a control end-cycle, wheels protections and with a anti- tangling protection placed on the back part;
they are made and assembled in order to intervene in case the operator is trailed into the sleeve from the machine wheels; this protection is susceptible to the hit between the operator and the machine and consequently with a little contact the control end-cycle gets active and this will cause an emergency stop.

The emergency stop blocks immediately the rotation of the drive shaft through a specific electromagnetic brake; this brake can be unlocked from the button "On" of the inverter through a specific function.

In case of an emergency stop or a lack of voltage, to make the machine start again, it is necessary to press the button "reset" and then simultaneously the 2 frontal "On" buttons. Now the inverter unlocks the brake and it makes the drive shaft rotate, the rotation speed can be chosen using the specific selector placed on the posterior part of the machine.

To switch the machine off press the mushroom-shaped button ("Stop") placed on the frontal consolle; in this way the brake will block the the drive shaft.

It is possible to unlock the brake using the specific key-shaped selector , only in case all protections are ordered; once the brake is unlocked it is not possible to activate the rotation.

The brake unlocking is indicated by an orange light placed on the frontal consolle. If the brake gets unlocked while the machine is rotating , the inverter leads the drive shaft to a 0 speed.

The switchboard is located on the posterior part in order to make easier an inspection and to keep the machine ergonomics. Such board is made of an electromechanical logic that controls a vectorial inverter and they are redundant.

The machine needs an aspiration system.

The proper use or uses for which the machine has been designed and tested are the following:

  • polishing of glasses and their parts;

The machine does not require particular environmental conditions. It has to be used in an industrial building covered, lighted, aired, with a solid and levelled floor.

The machine is designed and built in order to guarantee a safe work if used according to the prescribed conditions; all limits and use conditions must be observed with particular attention to:

  • work hours;
  • environmental conditions (environment aggressiveness, dustiness, temperature, humidity of the work places);
  • regular maintenance and control according to chapter 7.

Allowed temperatures from 0° to 40° C, with humidity not superior to 50% of

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