Design and construction of prototypes

The staff of CAG can build automation and machinery of all kinds , as well as we can work on specific machines for the industry.

Our company with its 25 years of experience is able to deal with these processes without difficulty:

• automation of existing machines
• automations for the movement of finished parts or mechanical parts
• design and construction of customized machines

The design is carried out at 360 degrees by our technical department that takes care of the mechanics, electrical and software parts of the prototype. In particular, as regards the mechanical part, the design is performed using a specific software for three-dimensional modeling . This allows you to constantly evaluate the functionality of the future prototype.

At this stage, the company involves the client with regular meetings , during which the project is evaluated, it is overhauled and it is also suitable for any needs arisen during the production, in order to build a prototype that fully meet the customer's needs.

Some examples also visible on the site show some positioners for welding or painting and a machine for dry- tumbling of details.

All with its instruction manual, wiring, pneumatic, hydraulic diagrams and CE declaration of conformity .

forno a giostra per occhialeria
Example : microwave carousel machine for eyewear
macchina per burattatura
Example: dry-cheesecloth machine
macchina per stiratura industriale
Example: machine for industrial ironing
caricatore per verniciatura
Example : charger for painting