Automation and process controllers

CAG Srl has a complete and versatile structure, able to fully respond to the needs of its customers in the realization of automation and process controllers.

quadro di automazione esempio di quadro sinottico automazione

Having in our headquarters both the mechanical workshop and that of precision and the electrical and electro-mechanical laboratory for the production of electrical and PLC programming as well, with our technical department, we are able to design and manufacture machines and automation of all kinds according to the customer's request.


modulo GWCGWC module is an electronic controller for the remote management based on web technology. It is equipped with a Linux operating system, and it provides access to the information pages and configuration via a standard web browser. It is therefore not required any additional software to use it , and it also enables access by multiple and different work stations . This monitoring and control unit can also operate autonomously thanks to the local display and keyboard.

The remote connection is via the Ethernet gate and also thanks to a GPRS modem , but has an internal memory that allows you to manage dozens of sensors for a period longer than 1 year. The combination of the GWC with the central server allows you to concentrate data and alarms of all installations in a single point and to have a unique access to all plants.

We cannot write anything we can do but you can test us: large companies in the field of mechanical engineering and eye-wear have been availing themselves of our services for many years with an ongoing relationship that only a serious and professional supplier is able to offer.

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